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Blog Post for Twigs Pet Corner: Cat Allergies A New Food to the Rescue!

Updated: May 15

Twigs Corner is a new Blog about pets and animals. This post is about a new food that cuts down allergies from pet dander. Link to the blog post is below.

Cat Allergies, A new food to the rescue!!

Please Note: I am NOT an affiliate of Purina, and I am NOT receiving any compensation or endorsements from the Purina company. These are MY opinions and mine alone. If you love cats but have allergies, you must hear my story about a new food that lets us keep our rescued cat! Purina Livewell to the rescue Cat allergies. They can be devastating! My husband, Pete's allergies were so bad that he would become very ill if he sat in a chair that a cat owner had sat in. He always carries an inhaler on him just for cat dander, and he thought he hated cats for this reason. Then we rescued a tiny 10-day-old kitten. He had been thrown from a car and had severe injuries. The vet gave us little hope of survival but survival, but he did. Not only did he live, but he also attached himself to my husband, and in turn, my hubby fell in love with a cat! Then the problem reared its ugly head. People with cat allergies are not allergic to tiny kittens; it's only when they start grooming themselves that they produce the enzyme that causes an allergic reaction in humans. The day Twig began to try out grooming for the first time was when my husband realized that he would have to be adopted out.

Usually, this would not be a problem. We have adopted kittens before, but Twig was different. Pete was not a happy camper. I immediately set out to find the perfect home for Twig. The problem was that Pete kept finding fault with every home. One day at the pet store, the associate overheard a conversation I was having about my situation. He suggested a new cat food that they ordered called Purina Livewell. Supposedly this food neutralizes the enzyme that causes the allergies. It was expensive, but I decided to try it. Twig is over a year old now and has two adopted siblings. Allergies are kept to almost nothing using this food only. In our experience, it has at least an 85% effectiveness. Pete can pop an allergy pill and have no problems at all. I cannot say this will be everyone's experience as Purina averages effectiveness at around 45%, but I believe they are conservative. Pete is now a cat person. It's something we never thought possible before, thanks to this fantastic cat food and a fantastic cat!

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