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Cold Email to a Newspaper

This is a cold email to a newspaper announcing a press release

Good Afternoon,

My name is Tiffany Tillema, and I am a videographer in Winnsboro. I make commercials and promo videos. Early this year, I lent my video and editing skills to The Winnsboro Center for the Arts as they had their 20th anniversary. This was especially important to bring awareness to the need for donations for their new building.

The story of WCA fascinated me, and the project went from a 5-minute promo video to a 15-minute documentary! Soon after this video was released, I was nominated for the Hermes awards in 3 categories! I won an honorable mention in one category but a GOLD in the Pro Bono documentary award.

I have attached the official press release for you to look over.

I also received my GOLD trophy yesterday! If you want a picture and/or interview I can meet with your staff.

I am completely flabbergasted and in disbelief over my winning. I am also humbled by the nominations.

link to the original Video:

Thank you

Tiffany Tillema


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