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Linked In article: My Midlife Decision

When My Husband and I were young and first married, we started building our careers in the Masonry industry. My Husband would often get restless and want to try other career avenues, and I patiently kept our masonry business running because he loves it, and I knew he would be back. Each time he tried something new, my Grandfather would say, "It's just the way men are. They don't know what they want to do until they are about 50 or 60 years old. By then, their life is half over, and they are too old to learn something new." Now, as of tomorrow, I will be 53. I wish Grandpa were here so I can tell him it happens to us girls as well, just later in life.

I have been in this business for 29 years. During that same time, I raised two children to adulthood, cared for two senior family members with dementia, and worked the family farm on the side. In 2014 I fell and severely injured my right shoulder. This ruined my physical career in Masonry (the part I enjoyed) and put me in the office permanently. On slow days I would get bored and write, mainly for fun but often as a guest blogger or on Facebook posts. My "real job" would sometimes get in the way of my hobby, and although I love Masonry, being in the office 40,50 or more hours a week was starting to wear on me.

Cue the Husband to the rescue. He had the fantastic idea to hire more office help. I was PR, HR, payroll, project manager, safety manager, and more. I hired three people who now do all of that for me. I still have plenty to do, but I am no longer stretched thin. I was suddenly free to do what I loved, videography, photography, and of course, writing! I started blogging and writing brochures and books when I was approached by the local Art Center and asked to write a script for a promo video. When they asked if I knew someone who could film it, well, of course, I did! Me! I recently won a Hermes Creative Award for the film! During that same time, I was asked to write three guest articles for Masonry Magazine, bringing both of my loves together! I love my freedom to write! I hope to gradually transition to writing full time and letting my office run itself for the most part. I am almost there! Grandpa was right. We figure it out late, but hopefully not too late!

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