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A New Day for WCA

Updated: Mar 6

Winnsboro News Article

Nestled in the heart of Winnsboro, a small town in East Texas, stands a vibrant and inviting institution that has captivated the community for years. Winnsboro Center For the Arts, also known as WCA, has become a staple in the town, drawing people from near and far with its captivating art, music, drama classes, workshops, festivals, and entertainment.

For years, the Winnsboro Center For the Arts has played a vital role in promoting and fostering artistic expression within the community. This humble establishment has become a haven for artists, musicians, and theater enthusiasts and a vital educational resource for aspiring talent of all ages.

One of the most remarkable aspects of WCA is its ability to bring people together. Whether through a captivating performance at the Community Theater, an exhibition featuring local and regional artists, or a festival showcasing talented performers, the Winnsboro Center For the Arts has proven to be a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. People come from far and wide to experience the unique and vibrant cultural scene that WCA has cultivated over the years.

Furthermore, WCA has extended its reach beyond Winnsboro by becoming the art hub of East Texas. Its reputation as a source of artistic inspiration has attracted individuals and communities from the surrounding areas. Artists and performers from nearby towns often collaborate with WCA, enhancing the cultural exchange and fostering a sense of unity among the region's artistic community.

The impact of the Winnsboro Center For the Arts extends far beyond mere entertainment and creativity. Its presence in the community has also proven to be a catalyst for economic growth. Festivals and events hosted by WCA often attract visitors from other towns and cities who benefit local businesses economically, including restaurants, hotels, and shops. By bolstering tourism and supporting local commerce, WCA has become a driving force in the town's and surrounding communities' economic development.

However, a new day for the WCA is upon us...

On October 7, WCA members and other invited guests gathered to hear the exciting news about its future. Winnsboro Center for the Arts is on the move, ready to catch up with the growth it has seen and continues to see as a central place for artists and art lovers to gather.

First was the exciting news: they are near their goal to start the new building that will expand the art center exponentially. To help start the building as soon as possible, they have a master strategy that breaks down The construction into phases:

Phase 1- Build Arts Education Building

Education is where the space is the most limited and needs to be built immediately to house and expand the educational aspect of the art center. This phase can be started without interrupting or displacing the current educational programs.

Phase 1 plans are the simplest and cheapest of the phases, allowing construction to commence sooner.

Phase II- Build New Performance Hall

Building Moving the educational building to the southernmost lots brings the performance hall to a more central location. This building includes a covered walkway and an outdoor stage between the Hall and the education center.

Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has recommended to FEMA that this site have a tornado safe room. If approved, WCA will receive a $3.5M grant with a 10% cost share for this phase of the project.

Phase III- Renovation of the original Building at 200 Market Street

This phase includes enlarging both the art gallery and the gift shop, renovating the bathrooms, kitchen, and attic area, and adding an office space.

Much of the funds have been raised through generous donations and fundraising, but funds are still needed. To learn about the different ways to donate, contact the WCA at:

www.winnsborocenterforthearts .com

Along with the new building, WCA will also be Rebranding. There was a lot of excitement in the building when the new Colors and logo were revealed.

The new logo is simple, clean, and easy to read and remember—a Simple WCA in a clean, readable font with eye-catching new colors. The new brand Colors are:

Tiffany Blue

Geranium red

and Pear green

The website and advertisements will soon reflect the new branding, including a much easier-to-read and navigate layout and an easy-on-the-eyes font—the new branding and marketing team of Tony Stubbs and P.A. Geddie have worked tirelessly (and Pro-Bono) to have this exciting new brand up and running.

Winnsboro Center for the Arts has always been an amazing part of Winnsboro and the surrounding areas. It has come a long way from its simple beginnings in 2003 to the amazing Cultural and educational center it is today!

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