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Yantis ISD Police Chief Trespassed form School Property

Winnsboro News Article

According to an official press release, On October 30, Corporal Croney with the Wood County Sheriff's Office responded to the Yantis ISD High School for a verbal disturbance. Officer Croney was informed that the Yantis ISD police Chief, Christopher Cox, was acting belligerent after being fired.

After arriving, he contacted the business manager, Kristi Beech, and the superintendent, Robyn Derington, near Cox's office. Derington explained that while Bieng was let go, Cox began to yell and throw things. Ms. Beech also added that he stood up, violently unloaded his handgun, and placed it on the table. However, she advised that no physical contact or threats had been made, although it did make them feel uncomfortable. Derington stated that a standby was needed as Cox removed his property.

Officer Croney provided standby as Cox removed his property, and shortly after, Lieutenant Milbourn and Captain Chilson arrived to assist. Cox Continuously remarked that he was fired unexpectedly as he removed his property. Superintendent Derington then informed Croney that she wanted him criminally trespassed from the property.

Cox completed removing his personal property from both the property and his patrol unit. Once done, Cox was issued a criminal Trespass, which he did not sign, and was warned not to return to Yantis ISD property.

A Body Worn camera was recording the incident and may be available later.

We reached out to Yantis ISD and received a No Comment.

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