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Eclipse Fans Gather in Winnsboro

Updated: Mar 6

Winnsboro News Article

On Saturday, October 14, a group of enthusiastic eclipse fans gathered at the Winnsboro Depot for a special event - viewing an annular eclipse.

The Carolyn Jones Community Room in the depot was abuzz with excitement as James Pickering led a short information session on how to view the eclipse safely. He explained the significance of the annular eclipse and what it would bring visually. Pickering also spoke about the upcoming total eclipse on April 8, 2024. Attendees were captivated by the details and eagerly awaited the main event.

To add to the excitement, the gathering was graced by a special guest speaker, Ken Ruffin, the National Space Society of North Texas President. Ruffin spoke about the future of NASA and commercial spaceflight, providing valuable insights into the possibilities that lay ahead. The audience found the talk informative and inspiring, setting the tone for the upcoming eclipse viewing.

At 11:30, everyone gathered outside, equipped with their eclipse glasses, to witness the annular eclipse firsthand. While Winnsboro experienced about 80% coverage, falling short of the ring of fire observed in southern regions, the event was nevertheless fascinating. Though the average observer might not have noticed the slight shadow that drifted across Winnsboro, those prepared for the event were treated to a truly mesmerizing show.

The gathering at the Winnsboro Depot on Saturday served as more than just a unique opportunity to witness a celestial phenomenon. It was a practice session for the upcoming total eclipse in 2024, allowing participants to hone their skills and prepare for the big event. The anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding this practice session were palpable, signifying that the Winnsboro community is eagerly awaiting the chance to witness the rare spectacle of a total eclipse.

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