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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

This is a newsbreak article I wrote for a local bed and breakfast.

Winnsboro, TXWinnsboro Takes the Little Free Library to Another Level Tiffany Tillema2022-08-02

The original Little Free Library was installed in Hudson, Wisconsin, to help bring a community together. Not only did it get that community together, but it also started a movement bringing communities together worldwide. Now there are 115 countries with Little free libraries that give children and adults free access to books. Winnsboro, Texas, has taken that concept to a new Level with the Winnsboro Community Exchange Program. This project has four locations and is already a big hit in the small town. At the train depot downtown, you will find a classic Little library full of books for all ages. You can take the books you want to read and leave books for others to read. The little library has been a popular addition to the community, and there is talk of adding a second location. Next, you will find The first of two, Take a plant "leaf," a plant locations at the popular downtown South African restaurant Liefie Li Vine. Here the children of the community have painted a brightly colored mural thanks to the help of the Winnsboro Center For the Arts. At this location, you are encouraged to leave gardening materials such as plants, seeds, pots, tools, or whatever you feel like donating. You may also take what you need from the exchange. The "bookcase" where you leave your plants is made from an old wooden pallet painted to match the mural and holds the pots of plants and seed packets perfectly. Just down the road is the second Take a plant "leaf," a plant location at Kate's Park, next to Gilbreath Memorial Library. Like the first location, it is a place where you can exchange plants, seeds, and other gardening supplies. It also has a pallet shelf painted much like the one downtown. The exciting thing about this location is they also have a dog toy exchange called Take a Stick, Leave a stick. It, of course, has sticks and balls for the pups in town to exchange. Finally, just south of downtown is Oaklea Mansion, a beautiful bed, and breakfast that dates back to 1903. On the front porch, surrounded by tall neoclassical columns, is the Little Free Art Gallery. The colorful signs on the front encourage visitors to Make one, take one. It has arts and crafts made by locals ranging from children to professional artists. If you find something that appeals to you, take it, and feel free to bring something you made to leave for someone else to enjoy. Winnsboro is a wonderful town full of amazing people who love their community. Next time you are in the area, stop for a while and check out these fantastic Projects. Just remember, if you take something, "leaf" something.

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